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Andre Mealha

Killer model work!

Graham Morris Rest in Peace

I learned today that that Graham Morris passed away this Sunday. We worked on many projects together and over the years shared both heated arguments over politics and companionable conversations on warm summer days by the pool with his lovely wife and boys. I am deeply saddened by his passing.

What makes a story?

What makes a story?

Showing this Vimeo Staff Pick to my Storyboard class and asking is this a story? Is there a protagonist /antagonist? A beginning middle and end? Whatever your answer it’s a great piece of film.

Storyboard Class In Progress

Now that the class is in session two we are working on story and all the students came up with great ideas. This is an exercise we did reproducing a table conversation from Casablanca using my smartphone to to match camera angles to demonstrate the 180 rule and sight lines. Fun!

IMG_0434 IMG_0430 IMG_0432


Post APE convention

Lot’s of nice people to talk to and a surprising number of kids. Glad I brought that bowel of blue glass beads to hand out:)



Teto brought me good luck. I sold out all my copies of Cinematics Storyboard Workshop.IMG_0456

Thanks to Jim Mitchell for table sitting with me and bringing me food while attending events at the show.


My first banner.