Caldera animated short

Another beautiful short.

The Ocean Maker animated short

Excellent 10 minute short.  Great concept and execution.

Marcelo Vignali

Animation artists if you don’t know Marcelo Vignali you should visit his site and check out his Youtube channel.

CSW 2nd Edition Reprint

I  have just approved proofs for a reprint of CSW 2nd Edition to replenish my stock which is down to around ten copies. The reprint has several minor corrections to the text and some rewording for clarification. The new books should be ready for shipment in about two weeks (Jan 24)

Have a great year everyone!

Gregg Davidson

Gnomon Event Animators

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.24.31 AM

New Harley Quinn



Shape study


Teaching more Storyboard in April


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