Cinematics moving to Design Studio Press

A newly edited Cinematics Storyboard Workshop will be published by Design Studio Press around the start of 2019. Design Studio Press is prestige publisher of educational books by professional concept designers in the film industry and  I’m honored my book will be joining their catalog.

Learning Procreate

Starting to learn Procreate!

Inktober #1

First on list: Swift

Cassini 60,000MPH

The Ocean Maker animated short

Excellent 10 minute short.  Great concept and execution.

Marcelo Vignali

Animation artists if you don’t know Marcelo Vignali you should visit his site and check out his Youtube channel.

Fast Comp


Meet me where your going
Cause I want to be where your going.

Fast Sculpt Zbrush

This was around four hours. Not as fast as I’d like!


New Harley Quinn



Shape study


Living Lines for Animation Designers and Fans


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