Learning Procreate

Starting to learn Procreate!

Marcelo Vignali

Animation artists if you don’t know Marcelo Vignali you should visit his site and check out his Youtube channel.




Nifty new Software, native PSD output extremely low priced!



Fast Sculpt Zbrush

This was around four hours. Not as fast as I’d like!


Highland Screenplay Software

I’ve been using this for about a year now and I like it. It exports both PDF and Final Draft. It lacks some advanced features of FD like split dialog but it does most of what I need. Here’s a fair review if anyone is interested. It’s gone up from 20.00 to 30.00 since I got it.


Visual Story Workshop

Storyboarding for Film, Animation
and Video Games


4 sessions starting April 9th

This is a four week  non credit pre-visualizing (previs) workshop for individuals interested in storyboarding for film or adapting a story, children’s book or concept for film or animation. The course covers developing concepts for presentation, creating storyboards and animatics and an overview of film direction. Film clips and animatics will be reviewed to discuss scene construction, action and different cinematic approaches to film. The  instructor will also demonstrate and review digital software used in the industry for previs and several low cost or free alternatives.

Note:  I use class examples from my book on storyboarding because it’s the material I know best.  I  do not  promote my book as part of the class or recommend students purchase the book for the course. It’s a policy I follow every class I teach.

Gregg Davidson MA

Class Information

Date of Class: 4/9-30 (2015)
Class Number: 2244

6:30 to 9:30 PM
Cost: $98.00  (four sessions)

Sierra College Community Education
333 Sunrise Ave., Suite 300
Roseville, CA, 95661
(916) 781-6280 or (800) 242-4004


Storyboard Lecture Sept 16th

Storyboarding –
with Gregg Davidson

Tuesday, Sept. 16th @ 7pm
at The Art Institute of Sacramento

Learn how storyboarding helps your film vision become a reality.

CFAA Meeting:
Tuesday, Sept. 16th, @ 7pm
The Art Institute of Sacramento
2850 Gateway Oakes Dr.
Sacramento CA 95833


OS Mavericks cause Photoshop problems

Along with many many others I found Upgrading to Mavericks causes lots of problems (and down time) with CS6 Photoshop. If you are running Mountain Lion stick with it awhile longer. The two fixes for Mavericks is upgrading to 9.3 or better and the work around plugin from adobe listed below. The adobe plugin has to be re installed every time you upgrade mavericks! Drop it into the plugins folder in PS.  Thanks for another bug ridden upgrade, Apple. You might as well be Microsoft.


Storyboard Class October 2nd

Storyboard Class October 2nd

My four week storyboard workshop has been confirmed with Sierra College! Here is the flyer.


Storyboarding for Film, Animation
and Video Games

Class Information:
Instructor: Gregg Davidson MA

Date of Class: 10/02/2014
Class Number: 2244
6:00 to 9:00 PM

Sierra College Community Education
333 Sunrise Ave., Suite 300
Roseville, CA, 95661
(916) 781-6280 or (800) 242-4004