Closing website

Hi All!

I’m migrating to a simpler format on Blogger as Gregg Davidson.  This site will be up for a few more months as I make the transfer.   Cinematics Storyboard Workshop is now under the Design Studio Press imprint selling on Amazon and other venues listed in the CSW section on this site.  I will also be posting more content on Instagram under cinemanskys.

See you in the funny pages.


The nature of creatvity

Do what you love.

For me I listen to music I love or a painter who shows truth.

Then I go. I paint.

A dream of a staircase  descending a flowered garden lit in the dark by lanterns.

Or a monorail taking me across snowbound reaches to a descending tunnel past frozen forms of Saber toothed cats a T rex who pursues me in a San Francisco trolley.

Cinematics moving to Design Studio Press

A newly edited Cinematics Storyboard Workshop will be published by Design Studio Press around the start of 2019. Design Studio Press is prestige publisher of educational books by professional concept designers in the film industry and  I’m honored my book will be joining their catalog.

The New Year

This has been a trying year for many of us who want the best for humanity. For those of us who would see humanity rise and  not fall. I ask you to dream. To rise. To reach beyond the obvious and strive for that which lies just beyond what you know. To make a leap of faith and turn dream into reality. Happy New Years. Keep your dream alive!


Gregg D

New CSW reprints are in!

The new books arrived last week and look great.  Some minor corrections to the text have been made to the second edition to address word typos and for clarification.

Animation Nights New York

Animation Festival

Fast Comp


Meet me where your going
Cause I want to be where your going.

Year of the Monkey King


Post Wondercon

I got back from Wondercon after a six hour drive up from LA. The good part about Wondercon was that it was in Los Angeles. The bad part about Wondercon was that it was in Los Angeles.

When I arrived to set up my table I found my table had been stolen by someone who didn’t want to pay for an extra table, table cloth and trash strewn on the ground and stacks of boxes in front my space. I talked to four different people and waited two hours for another table before I could set up.


After setting up things went more smoothly and my sales were quadruple what they were last year in Anaheim.


The highlight of the con for me was an artist who brought in an old edition of Cinematics Storyboard Workshop dog eared and worn and having me sign it after what was obviously many years of use. That made me feel very good indeed about the book!

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