Visual Story Workshop

Storyboarding for Film, Animation
and Video Games


4 sessions starting April 9th

This is a four week  non credit pre-visualizing (previs) workshop for individuals interested in storyboarding for film or adapting a story, children’s book or concept for film or animation. The course covers developing concepts for presentation, creating storyboards and animatics and an overview of film direction. Film clips and animatics will be reviewed to discuss scene construction, action and different cinematic approaches to film. The  instructor will also demonstrate and review digital software used in the industry for previs and several low cost or free alternatives.

Note:  I use class examples from my book on storyboarding because it’s the material I know best.  I  do not  promote my book as part of the class or recommend students purchase the book for the course. It’s a policy I follow every class I teach.

Gregg Davidson MA

Class Information

Date of Class: 4/9-30 (2015)
Class Number: 2244

6:30 to 9:30 PM
Cost: $98.00  (four sessions)

Sierra College Community Education
333 Sunrise Ave., Suite 300
Roseville, CA, 95661
(916) 781-6280 or (800) 242-4004


Shape study


CFAA Meet 02/18/2015

Wonderful meet with in Sacramento with independent film makers. The take away: Worry less about funding your film, attaching talent to sell it. Find people who will help you to make a film with you and just make it. Sell a script for five hundred and get a credit which pays off more than you think in the future.

Teaching more Storyboard in April


Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms

Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms

This wonderful animation trailer is animated by just two artists Li Wei and Pei Fei, (God Hunters) for their film due out in 2016 called Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms.

Living Lines for Animation Designers and Fans


Andre Mealha

Killer model work!

Graham Morris Rest in Peace

I learned today that that Graham Morris passed away this Sunday. We worked on many projects together and over the years shared both heated arguments over politics and companionable conversations on warm summer days by the pool with his lovely wife and boys. I am deeply saddened by his passing.